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Amy and Elaine Goff: Music

Songs Written for future "Emeril Live!" shows

Gettin' to Know Your Bird

(Amy and Elaine Goff, Robin Batteau)
John McCurry / Amy & Elaine Goff and Robin Batteau

Suck Some Head and Pinch Some Tail

(Amy and Elaine Goff / Robin Batteau)
Lyrics & Vocal arrangements by Amy & Elaine Goff

Pork Fat Rules ( The Happylujah Chorus)

What's Up With This Cuisine?

(Amy and Elaine Goff)
Music by John McCurry, Lyrics and Vocal arrangements by Amy & Elaine Goff. Performed with Robin Batteau

Death to Fishes

(Amy and Elaine Goff / Robin Batteau, John McCurry)
John McCurry, music / Amy & Elaine Goff, lyrics & vocal arrangement

So I Asked Myself

(Amy and Elaine Goff, John McCurry and Robin Batteau)
John McCurry, music: Amy & Elaine Goff, lyrics